Ready for your exit? Sell to us! Here's why.

When you choose Elevate, you choose a seller-first support team. We prioritize your needs to execute an exit in your terms; in 30 days or less. At every juncture, we ensure you feel great about the direction of the deal, or we fix it.

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Celebrating sellers

We know how hard you worked to get here.

You’ve invested too much to hand your business over to just anyone. Not only were we one of the first buyers in the space, but we started out as Amazon sellers too. Our track record is above and beyond our competitors – and so is our appreciation for your expertise.

We celebrate sellers and their businesses by collaborating to architect the exit of their dreams. For most sellers that means speed and ease – and our best-in-class M&A team makes that seamless. For us, that means carrying your vision to the finish line – our industry-leading, in-house agency will give your brand the roadmap it deserves.

Here’s our process.

Our three step exit process has been honed on countless Amazon FBA exit transactions and ensures you can exit your business in a quick and frictionless way.

Step 1 72 hours

Screening + Letter Of Intent

Within 24 hours of contacting us, we will evaluate your business and provide an answer as to whether it meets our investment criteria.

If it does, we will set up an introductory call and following this will provide a binding LOI which outlines the commercial terms on which we will acquire your business.

Step 2 3 - 4 weeks

Due Diligence + Legal Docs

We request and review financial and operating information on the business. In tandem we will also prepare legal documents to make the sale official.

Step 3 1 week

Closing & Celebrating

Once the legal documents are signed, we migrate the account and the cash will hit in your account. Time to celebrate!

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Why Elevate?

Why Elevate?

We get Amazon
We have a proven track record of operating and scaling Amazon FBA businesses, with a global team of more than 50 people (and growing quickly)
We are world class brand builders
Our team are not just Amazon experts but world class marketers and brand builders
Proven growth track record
We are not new to this business and have a proven record of growing Amazon brands post acquisition
We operate in a fair and transparent way
Sharks belong in the ocean and not the deal room. We are here to guide sellers through the exit process in a hand ons and focused way

Seller Spotlight

The Elevate team quickly identified that my business was a good fit, made an offer, and followed through, all in under 30 days. I enjoyed the professional and friendly communication throughout the process and am looking forward to seeing my business rise to the next level.

William B.

Elevate is well-funded and strategically systemized for the entire process. From the Letter of Intent to the final settlement, the team communicated closely with me through each step. Despite plenty of buyers in today’s market, I’d still call these guys first if I had another brand to sell.

Shawn J.

The Elevate team made the selling process seamless and easy. They were professional at all levels, had my brand's interest at heart, and worked with me to preserve the supplier relationships that took years to establish. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future!

Dimitri V.

The folks at Elevate are True Pros. I was nervous going in because my books were a bit messy but they cleaned everything up and did all the heavy lifting building out my P&L. If you are thinking about selling your brand then I highly recommend Elevate. They executed the purchase of my brand flawlessly.

Andy S.

The Elevate team did what they said they would do – we closed on time and within terms. Ultimately, it was the people that made Elevate Brands the right partners to sell our business to. We look forward to many more years to come—this is just the beginning!

Josh D.

Elevate delivered on a tough deadline and the fantastic M&A team walked us through the entire sales process. With their long track record of Amazon experience compared to other buyers, we are confident Elevate will take our brand to the next level.

J. Taylor

The Elevate team that I met during diligence just seemed like good people with good intentions. Sellers like me. It was such a stark contrast to my other meetings with buyers: packed with ex-bankers and lawyers and where I just felt like I was negotiating with sharks.

W. Brock

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