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Get paid in cash or bitcoin when you exit your business.

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How to get paid in bitcoin?

If you already have a digital wallet, great — no action is needed. Once we reach a deal, we will purchase the bitcoin with our Coinbase Prime account and send it directly to your digital wallet.

If you don’t yet have a digital wallet, we’ll provide you with a link to sign up. From there, you’ll be onboarded by Coinbase Prime and we’lll send along your bitcoin payout as soon as your account is active!

How much bitcoin can I get for exiting my business?

Based on what your business is worth, we can offer the entire payment or a percentage of your payout in bitcoin.

How much bitcoin can I get for referring a business?

When we’re talking cash, you can expect up to $500k for referring a business – which today is worth over 10 bitcoins! You can take some or all of your payout in bitcoin.

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Get Paid in Cash or Coin

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Why Elevate Is Doing This

At Elevate we put our sellers first — we have flexible payout structures and customizable partnership options — so this seemed like the logical next step.

We began to hear from FBA sellers, who are already entrenched in cryptocurrencies, that they’d like to receive either a partial or full payout in crypto, in order to take advantage of lower fees and high volume limits.

As far as we know, Elevate is the first Amazon aggregator to offer cryptocurrency as part of exit transactions, putting us at the forefront of a new digital age. Integrating with a leading company like Coinbase Prime helps Elevate get one step closer to our overall mission of putting an Elevate brand in every human’s hand.

Ryan Gnesin, CEO of Elevate Brands

Million Dollar Questions

What are the benefits of being paid directly in Crypto?

We’ve integrated with Coinbase Prime to raise transaction caps and offer better conversion rates, so when we pay out in crypto, we can pass those benefits on to you!

Do I have to take my entire payment in crypto?

You can customize your payout based on what works for you. If you want 10%, 50%, or even just 1 bitcoin, we’ll make it work!

Intrigued? Here’s our exit process.

Step 1 72 hours

Screening + Letter Of Intent

Within 24 hours of contacting us, we will evaluate your business and provide an answer as to whether it meets our investment criteria.
If it does, we will set up an introductory call and following this will provide a binding LOI, which outlines the commercial terms on which we’ll acquire your business.

Step 2 2-3 weeks

Due Diligence + Legal Docs

We request and review the financial and operating information of your business. We’ll simultaneously prepare legal documents to make the sale official.

Step 3 1 week

Closing & Celebrating

Once the legal documents are signed, we migrate the account and the cash (or coin) will hit your account. Time to celebrate!

Hear from people who have been paid in bitcoin

"As a member-owned non-profit co-op dedicated to the eCommerce seller community, the Cash or Coin program came at the perfect time. We believe it is a unique opportunity to encourage our members to learn more about how crypto is changing the world. We needed a resource the co-op can trust, and we’re confident with our decision to hold crypto in a premier Coinbase Prime account."

Steve Simonson, Founder of Empowery

“When I sold my business, I had planned to allocate some of the funds to bitcoin. The fact that I could be paid in crypto instantly through Elevate made investing a much simpler process.” 

Nick Eary, Elevate’s First Bitcoin Payee

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