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What Matters Most When Exiting Your Amazon FBA Business

Not all exits are created equal. The whos, whats and whens of the deal are important, of course, but when the time comes to exit your Amazon FBA business, the how matters just as much. Whether you’re looking to close quickly and fund your next great endeavor, to get a fair deal so you can retire comfortably or something in between, the kind of exit you secure can mean the difference between celebration and regret. Here, sellers who have successfully navigated the exit process share, in their own words, what mattered most to them so they could close on their terms. Exiting your Amazon FBA business is personal. What kind of exit are you looking for?

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I want an on-time close with no surprises.

“Jeremy and Daniel kept to their word. They knew our timeline and moved other projects and commitments to ensure that we hit the deadline.” N. Leary, February 2021

“The Elevate team did what they said they would do — we closed on time and within terms.” Josh D., March 2021

“What a great experience, and I am now celebrating a very lucrative exit achieved in record time. If any Amazon FBA Sellers are thinking about selling, I would recommend you speak to Elevate Brands.” K. Wards, Feb 2021
I want an experienced team who can guide the process.

“I had multiple offers when I offered my family’s Amazon business for sale. In choosing to work with Elevate to purchase our brand, I knew that level of risk was much lower than that of other interested parties. They’re well-funded and strategically systematised for the entire process. From the Letter of Intent to final settlement, they communicated closely with me as we worked through the process. They know exactly what they’re doing so the training and transition period was a breeze. There are quite a few buyers out there in today’s market but if I had another brand to sell, I’d call the Elevate Brands team first!” Shawn J., October 2020

“Elevate made the process of selling our business extremely easy. Having sold 4 businesses before to other sellers, Elevate stood head-and-shoulders above the rest with their experienced e-commerce team that was ready to take over operations for us in a timely manner. The ease of the transition process allowed us to move on other projects, with the peace of mind knowing that our business was in good hands.” Leah, March 2021

“Elevate made it extremely easy for us to transfer accounts [so they could] take over our operations. They had a team of people available who were ready, willing and capable. In previous businesses we have sold, there was a lot of training and transition that required hours of our team. With Elevate, we just turned over the 'keys' and their team was off and running.” Elevate Partner
I want to leave my business in good hands.

“The Elevate team were great on delivering on a hard deadline and walking us through the sale process. Jeremy and Dan on the M&A team were fantastic and we look forward to seeing what they do with the brand. With their long track record of Amazon experience compared to other buyers, we are confident Elevate and their experienced team will take the brand to the next level.” J. Taylor, February 2021

“The Elevate team made the process of selling my brand seamless and very easy. They were professional at all levels and treated my suppliers with respect prior to the deal closing so as not to disrupt our relationships. The team had the brand’s interest at heart right from the beginning and were working with me to preserve the relationships that were established over the years. Overall the entire experience was smooth and I’m looking forward to working with them in the future.” Dimitri V., November 2020

“The folks at Elevate are True Pros. I was nervous going in because my books were a bit messy but they cleaned everything up and did all the heavy lifting building out my P&L. If you are thinking about selling your brand then I highly recommend [them]. They executed the purchase of my brand flawlessly.” Andy Slamans., January 2021
I want transparency at every step.

“Overall I'm quite satisfied with the acquisition experience. The team was upfront and clear on the terms of the deal. Throughout the closing process there was lots of communication, which helped to assuage my fears as a first-time seller. I feel that my business is in good hands now with the people at Elevate, and I look forward to hearing about their future success with the brand. I recommend them to anyone looking to exit their FBA business.” Jeff H., February 2021

“I liked the fact that we were able to adjust the deal with a holdback for future performance. That extra option makes me feel like I still have a positive gain from future growth and reduces the seller's remorse that many sellers experience after they sell a business.” Elevate Partner
I want to work with people I can trust.

“It really has been a pleasure working with you and everyone at Elevate Brands. It was impressive how quickly you identified that my business would be a good fit for you, made an offer, and then followed through, all in under 30 days. I enjoyed our professional and friendly talks throughout the process. I was lucky to find you guys when I set out to sell my business. I'm looking forward to seeing Elevate Brands take the business to the next level.” William B., October 2020

“The Elevate Brands team that I met during diligence just seemed like good people with good intentions. Sellers like me. Such a stark contrast to my other meetings with the other buyers — packed with ex-bankers and lawyers and I just felt like I was negotiating with sharks.” W. Brock, February 2021

“You guys are great...and I hope you know that ultimately it’s you, the people we’ve chosen to do business with, that made Elevate Brands the right partner to sell our business to.” Josh D., January 2021

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