The Exit

It’s a Seller’s Market Out There

Looking to exit your Amazon FBA business? You picked the right time: eCommerce remain soaringly high after the pandemic surge, and buyers are snatching up profitable brands like hot cakes in hopes of pulling even greater gains. Competition is so fierce among buyers that in 2021 alone, the Amazon FBA buyout market is projected to double to more than $4 billion. For a seller ready to move on, this means it’s a great time to take a payday for all your hard work.

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With dozens of buyers clamoring at your door, how can you weed through the speculators and opportunists to make sure you’re handing over your business to the right organization? 

At Elevate, your business is our business — literally — and we’re committed to closing deals quickly, transparently and on your terms. We sat down with some of our most recent acquisitions to learn why they chose to partner with Elevate when the time came to exit their Amazon FBA business. (We like to think our quick wits and charming personalities had a little something to do with it, as well, but we’ll try to stick with the responses given.) 

The Career Exiters

An experienced seller requires an experienced buyer. We’ve closed countless deals in our day, so when we partnered with a pair of seasoned sellers looking for a seamless exit, we knew we could deliver the professional results they expected. 

This husband-and-wife duo build and sell Amazon brands for a living, and for their fourth exit, they turned to Elevate to ensure a no-hassle closing. With multiple children in tow and plans for a new home, this young family was ready to move onto what’s next. On the agenda? They’re eyeing their next business venture and are considering hosting a master class on how to win with Amazon. 

The Entrepre-Newbies

Nothing’s worse than a long, drawn-out closing full of surprises, particularly for sellers in need of cash flow. To that end, we’re committed to a quick and timely closing so our partners can get money and get moving. We offer a straightforward process that takes sellers from first contact to close in 30 days, and that’s not just talk: we haven’t missed our deadline once. 

For a pair of entrepreneurs new to the Amazon FBA world, the sooner they could close their deal, the sooner they’d have the cash in hand to finance their next great idea. By working with Elevate, these ambitious partners were able to capitalize on the successful brand they’d built, and then use their hard-earned funds to quickly relaunch a second product in an adjacent vertical — the next of many more homeruns to come. 

The Married Mavens

We’ve been in the Amazon FBA game a long time, both as buyers and as sellers, and we’ve got a proven track record of explosive growth. When a married couple with multiple Amazon FBA brands approached us about taking over their most mature business, that depth and breadth of experience assured them that we had the capability to grow their business to its full potential. 

Our partners didn’t work their tails off just to see their brand dwindle by the wayside. We were able to demonstrate that we’ve got the know-how, the resume and the drive to take their hard work to the next level, leaving them to focus on their next projects: growing their remaining Amazon businesses. 

The Family Man

Business operations don’t take time off for holidays, pandemics or your child’s big game, and that can lead to disappointment and regret for some independent sellers. With a global team of 60+ people, Elevate delivers adaptable brand management and boots-on-the-ground service to our brands 24/7, so seasonal spikes and other market volatility don’t faze us. 

In the case of one independent seller overwhelmed by the holiday rush, we knew we could offer the flexibility to pivot teams and shift priorities to meet his company’s changing seasonal demands. Cashing out with Elevate meant he could spend more time with his family during the holidays while focusing on his more evergreen businesses. 

The Empty-Nester

A buyout can mean life-changing — and life-giving — money, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our fair and transparent offers mean sellers know exactly what’s on the table, providing them the opportunity to spend their days doing what matters most with the people who matter most. 

We were privileged to partner with a seller who, upon growing bored in retirement, was inspired by her son-in-law to launch an Amazon FBA business. Recently, after a lifetime of working hard, she was prepared to make her well-deserved exit and retire — again. She trusted Elevate with her future and cashed out comfortably, ready to begin the next chapter.

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